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Greg Gazin

All you have to do is insert it in your USB port of your PC, double­click the FixMeStick executable from the FixMeStick drive and you’re off to the races. It’s that simple.

I ended up with what both McAfee and Hotmail said was a Trojan. Both wanted $200 to remove it and Microsoft (Hotmail) wanted an additional $300 for a program with the proper firewall.
McAfee also wanted to sell me a firewall.
For a price I could afford, I have my old PC back!!!

Thank you so much.

Dan Taylor

Ryan Head

I appreciate all of your guys work including I believe it was Tamer a couple of days ago, I will for sure be recommending FixMeStick to others. Not only the product but the fact you guys are willing to log on and actually help repair problems. Thanks again and happy holidays.

If your anti-virus software is the vaccine that prevents viruses, this thing is the antibiotic that kills viruses dead.

Mike Agerbo

Cathy Crawford

Thank you for putting out the FixMeStick.I have two laptops that I thought were clean. Little did I know. This is the best product that I have tried in years. It picked up a couple of viruses and trojans that my other program did not know that I had. Thank you for your product. Now I need to go out and get another one as I have six computers, so I have four more to clean. Thanks.

In a world that overpromises and under-delivers it is a complete JOY to deal with you guys. REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. NO BS!!! Really well done.

Gordon Aikman

Michael Lasky

The AV engines FixMeStick uses are some of the best in the business. And the fact that it runs outside of Windows gives it a better chance of catching hidden malware. Moreover, once the scanning process is completed, I can pull the USB drive out, knowing that nothing has been loaded onto my computer and the bad stuff is safely locked up.

FixMeStick is unquestionably the easiest solution on the market to clean a virus that can not be removed by traditional antivirus software.

Maxime Johnson

Neil J. Rubenking

If malware has made it impossible to install or run antivirus protection, the bootable FixMeStick can save you.

This year, a new product called the FixMeStick came out that makes virus eradication dead simple. With just a couple of clicks, you can boot using your FixMeStick so that it can attack the viruses while they're inactive, leaving them defenseless.

Whitson Gordon