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I am a senior. Although I have used computers...

By Hieronymus Wombat on January 29th, 2018

"I am a senior. Although I have used computers all my adult life I am not particularly computer savvy. FixMeStick has eliminated Cyber threats and cleaned my computer with a simple fix. FixMeStick has saved me time and money and provides peace of mind. Thank you."

Manic Maker

By Cheesr7 on May 6th, 2020

"We had a dinosaur of a computer ready for the curb. Gave fix me a try and what a surprise. It ran for over 12 hours and found and cleaned 6 viruses and I cant believe we have a usable desktop now. Runs faster and boots up like a new machine. Would recommend, dont hesitate. Easy to use."

Love it

By Elo W on May 17th, 2014

"I bought the pro version and have used it on my own computers and on some of my friends' machines. Very easy to use and does a superb job with all 3 antivirus programs. It is amazing how one program will find problems that the other 2 don't pick up. Don't want to be without it"

The best Mac cleaner…

By ghislaine on May 9th, 2017

"Does the job... Cleaned any virus that I had, perfectly... In just a couple of hours... Secure and peace of mind."

My computer is so much easier to use now and I didn't have to waste time getting it taken in to a store.

By Amazon Customer on September 25th, 2016

"My MacBook was very slow and constantly had pop ups of all kinds, until I used the FixMeStick. The whole process was very simple...I just left my computer to do it's thing. My computer is so much easier to use now."

Five Stars

By Louis R on August 19th, 2014

"Saved my business from a virus."

  • Is the FixMeStick worth it?

    Well worth the money

    By Mark W. on October 12, 2019

    "Had a lot of probs with my laptop... slow, infected, some stuff didn't even work....Fix Me Stick took a little bit to get it to start working....part of the prob I found a bad USB port...once it was in motion....it worked great....by the time it was done my old laptop was back."

    Fix Me Stick

    By Aardvark on January 24, 2019

    "Excellent value. I bought one ( for PC) to compliment my existing Norton Anti Virus , & use it every week. I also have a second one in my holiday home in Cyprus. Well worth the money, & updates automatically when used. 10/10 all round."

  • Will FixMeStick Remove my Specific Virus?

    What a great product

    By Robert L. Nash on January 4th, 2019

    "This product has saved me from having a total meltdown. It fixed my computer completely, and it works like it is brand new. It's fast again, no hestitations anymore. It took out all the destructive elements hiding in it, and now it feels so clean and innocent again. All I can say is that this product is one of the best purchases I have made in a long, long time. Thank you Fixmestick, you're the greatest."


    By Ronni Bruner on November 6th, 2016

    "I really liked the fixed me, you would click run then it done the work for me. On the first computer. But when I put it in the second it scanned and updated but never would fix all that was found so I called their call center and they help me fix my computer."

    Both laptops work like new. Although I didn't need virus removal

    By Nan Wisner on January 27th, 2018

    "Neither my old laptop or new laptop had a virus when I scanned it with FixMeStick. However, both computers still ran slower than normal. I emailed FixMeStick support and received a reply within 24h on how to specifically clean up my hard drive..."

  • Can’t Get FixMeStick to Start - What do I do?

    Amazing customer support

    By Pepe on April 15th, 2019

    "I bought this because my iMac was having serious problems. I was struggling to make the stick do the things it was supposed to do, as things weren't happening as described. I contacted their online support via the Chat facility. They soon established that I didn't have a virus but corrupted files. They were able to establish this by using the Fixmestick to remote control my Mac. They sent me out a USB repair stick (free) and backed up my hard drive for me. They then used the repair stick to correct the corrupted files and I'm up and running just as before."


    By Regan Oaks on August 31, 2015

    "I had trouble getting the program to start. Eventually the technician gave me one more thing to try and it worked. Found a couple viruses!"

    Cleaned up computer

    By Leagueman on March 15th, 2016

    "Had to get help starting but customer service and product were outstanding."

  • Will FixMeStick Speed up my Computer?

    Easy to Use

    By Tim S. on April 30th, 2020

    "Fixmestick is the easiest anti virus method out there. Very pleased with its performance. My computer runs much faster and smoother now."

    Works fast and does the job

    Reviewed in Canada on December 4, 2017

    "My computer was acting up and I already had virus malware but my email just wasn't opening and working properly. I heard an advertisement for this on the radio and I thought it couldn't hurt as a first step before I had to take it to a professional. It was very easy to do it had my computer running faster and the email working great within 3 hours. Would recommend it to everyone."

    Love it

    Darisa on May 27th, 2020

    "Used this on my old desktop computer it works fast just like before. I love this fixme stick"

    Clean up made simple

    By Cornflakegirl on April 15, 2020

    "Just as advertised. Plug it in, tell it when and where and a few hours later your computer is moving faster and you have no more worries."


By Erin C on August 27 2020

"Bought this because a friend told me it could fix an old computer, and StartMeStick really made my computer as fast as the day I first brought it home. Great if you're looking to save on a new device."

I thought my computer was dead!

By Techie Tanya, June 2020

"I have a computer with a corrupted operating system (blue screen of death), I tried to fix it on my own but it didn't work and I thought I'd have to trash, pay a tech to fix it, or spend hours trying to fix it myself. I plugged in the StartMeStick and voilà! I can still use it to surf the internet, play games, watch videos...it saved me time + money."

Exactly what I needed

By Siobhan May 2020

"My pc wouldn't access the internet anymore, I was sure I needed to buy a new computer. I have been using a FixMeStick for years now so when I discovered StarMeStick I knew I had to try it. It works exactly as promised and now my pc is as good if not better than new!"

Everyone needs this

By Frankie Jr., June 2020

"I use StartMeStick to do anything online where I use my credit card, no privacy concerns I know I'm safe. Thank you StartMeStick. OH and great Canadian customer support."

Works like a dream!

By Merideth1959, April 2020

"I bought this for my computer that would no longer start up windows. I used the startmestick and , VOILA!! my computer was back again and I was able to use it for browsing the Net. I would definitely recommend trying the startme for any old computers or unsafe computers!!"

Works like advertised

By greg, May 2020

"It really is a computer on a stick. For anyone with an old slow computer with a bunch of old programs running on it, plug this thing in and it's like a brand new computer. I was shocked at how fast it is."

  • What does the StartMeStick do?

    Does what it says it will

    By tanyalovesdeals, June 2020

    "My computer doesn't start normally any more- I only get the Blue Screen of Death. I thought I'd have to take it into a tech, but with StartMeStick I can now use my computer to access the internet. Saved me money & time."

    Saves Windows 7

    By Amazon Customer on March 20, 2020

    "Works great. I purchased to support my old Windows 7 that Microsoft doesn't support. My Dell laptop is still great and the StartMeStick protects it. Laptop is still fast but some comfort features are not there. Support is GREAT. I do recommend it for your Windows 7."

  • Will StartMeStick Make my Computer Fast?


    By max67, March 2020

    "I bought this StartMeStick because my Windows was slow. Followed the instructions which were simple and got things running fairly quickly. My computer is faster with this than when using Windows!! Very happy with it."

    AMAZING!! Super fast internet on my old laptop.

    By Heather Turley on January 30, 2020

    "I love this product! It saved me from buying a new laptop. My 8 year old Macbook has been running very slowly, but when I have the StartMeStick plugged in, it wakes up instantly and the internet speed is faster than I've experienced even on a brand new computer. The StartMeStick loads a different operating system with a web browser and a couple of basic applications, so that all of the applications and things that were slowing down my computer are no longer an issue. This was a perfect solution for me, as most of what I do on my laptop is online. There is even a text editor included if I need to write anything, but I also have access to google docs. If I ever need access to applications or documents saved on my laptop, I can simply remove the stick. I love that I can also bring the stick with me and use it on any computer when traveling to protect my privacy."

  • I Need Help, What do I do?

    Easy to use

    By LynneAnne March 2020

    "We've used Fixme Stick for a few years and love it; so when they introduced the StartMe Stick, we thought we'd give it a try as we travel and use hotel computers & sometimes other friends and family use our computers. Again, easy to use and when I did have a couple of questions there tech support was both friendly and helpful."

    Love the product

    By Sammy June 2020

    "The customer service is outstanding. I'm not computer savey so they made it easy for me to install the Startmestick."

    Customer Support

    By Kevin Adler on February 13, 2020

    I had a problem with adjusting the Display...Special Thanks to Michael and Cairo for being patient enough to see this problem all the way to the Finish Line, My Kind of SUPPORT. THANKS AGAIN

Excellent product(s)! I've been using FixMeStick for a few years on my old computer (9 years old!). I added the StartMeStick a few months ago. I highly recommend the FixMeStick and the StartMeStick!
- Sandra Harris on June 12, 2020