The FixMeStick PRO removes difficult infections, rootkits, and bootkits. It contains an embedded multi-scanner powered by Avira, McAfee, and Sophos, and connects to the McAfee GTI to achieve up-to-the-second threat detection. For use on both PCs and Macs.

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Architecture of FixMeStick's Parallel Multi-Scanner and Cloud File Reputation Service
Architecture of FixMeStick

For use on Unlimited Computers for One Year

$299.99 MSRP • PC & MAC

PC SYSTEMS SUPPORTED: All PCs made after 2001.
MAC SYSTEMS SUPPORTED: INTEL-BASED MAC SYSTEMS 2006 to 2017. 2018 and later systems are not yet compatible.
Not compatible with FusionDrive (Mac), Optane (PC), and RAID storage systems. Can't decrypt files encrypted by ransomware.

The Benefits of Multi-scanning

  • Only 10% of threats found by the FixMeStick were detected by all 3 engines.
  • 18% of detections made by 2 engines
  • 72% of detections made by 1 engine
  • The FixMeStick Multi-Scanner increases the probability that threats will be detected, and the 'Computer on a stick' architecture ensures threats can be removed

Additional Features

Easy to Use

  • The multi-scanner is integrated behind a single full-screen application.
  • The FixMeStick is set-up and ready to go right out of the box. No additional installation or downloading is required.
  • Any user can start with 2 steps: 1) Insert key, and 2) Follow a couple simple steps.
  • Automatic updates are fetched and stored directly on the FixMeStick.
  • Any removal operation is 100% reversible with the click of a button.
  • Each scanner is loaded into RAM, and files are fetched from disk once and passed to each scanner in parallel. The result is a scan time on par with desktop "on-demand" full system scans. Only if each of the scanners fail to clean an infected file is that file quarantined.


  • The FixMeStick uses a bootloader menu system to provide multiple boot configuration options, one of which will work on essentially any computer. Supports new UEFI firmware and Windows SecureBoot.


  • The FixMeStick automatically seeks an Internet connection when it starts.
  • It has built-in ethernet drivers that support essentially all ethernet hardware.
  • Contains built-in WiFi drivers that support most WiFi hardware.
  • If the FixMeStick is booted from Windows (versus directly from the BIOS) the FixMeStick will automatically use the default WiFi SSID and password active on the Windows operating system (except on Vista).
  • If an auto-connection is not possible, the user can select their network from the WiFi picker that is displayed within FixMeStick.
  • Once a connection is established, the FixMeStick downloads program and malware definition updates and stores them on the FixMeStick.
  • The FixMeStick will work without a network connection, but it won't be able to fetch the latest malware definition updates.

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