FixMeStick FAQs

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The FixMeStick is a computer virus removal device. Because it is an external, hardware based product, it can remove viruses that go undetected by software anti-virus programs. The FixMeStick will scan your computer, identify any threats and eliminate them. FixMeStick has its own operating system built into the stick and it can scan everything on your hard drive without using the infected host operating system.
You can’t clean an infected computer using a program running on the infected PC, because the infection is running and will trick the program that tries to remove it. The FixMeStick runs as a separate system and runs while all other programs and infections are not (it does this by rebooting the computer). The infection is not running, and so it can’t interfere when the FixMeStick finds and removes it.
The FixMeStick works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. The FixMeStick is also available for Mac (Intel Based MAC systems - dating from after 2006). In order to run the FixMeStick you will need at least 512 MB of free RAM on your computer.
You can use the FixMeStick an unlimited number of times during your subscription period. Virus definition updates are automatically downloaded and saved on the FixMeStick USB device before each use.
Because there are so many new viruses released every day, no single anti-virus company can detect them all. That's why the FixMeStick contains a built-in multi-scanner composed of three of the world's best anti-virus engines. These three scanning engines make it extremely difficult for any virus to slip through. If you think the FixMeStick may have missed one, our technical support team will help get the issue resolved.
If your FixMeStick ever stops working while your subscription is active we'll send you a free replacement with free shipping.
Try the FixMeStick for 30 days. At the end of the trial your subscription can be renewed for 1 year at a discounted rate. If you decide not to renew, call our toll free number or email us and tell us to cancel.
The FixMeStick is available in several large retailers in Canada and the United States as well as through our online store and over the phone: we ship the FixMeStick all around the world. The FixMeStick 30 Day trial is only available over the phone and through the online store.
We accept credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
The 1 Year Home FixMeStick is designed for the majority of computer users and costs £59.99: you can use it on up to 3 computers as many times as you like for the duration of your subscription. The FixMeStick PRO is for companies, technicians and people using the FixMeStick on a very large number of computers and costs £299.99. You can use the PRO an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of computers for one year. At the end of your year, you can renew your FixMeStick PRO.
When you purchase the FixMeStick, you purchase the FixMeStick hardware, software, virus definitions, and access to our expert customer support. The hardware you own forever. The subscription is a license to use the software and access to our support.
No - Unlike an anti-virus program, your FixMeStick is only running during scans. The FixMeStick doesn't download any software onto your computer so it cannot run a scan unless you initiate one; this also means that the FixMeStick can't slow down your computer by loading any new programs onto it. Plug in your FixMeStick to scan the computer and unplug it when you are done!
Unfortunately, the current version of the FixMeStick was not designed to support tablet use. The FixMeStick has been optimized for use on both PCs and Mac computers. As tablets become more and more advanced and receive widespread adoption, we know that there will be an increasing demand for a tablet version of the FixMeStick. Creating a version for tablets is definitely something we have on our to-do list.
We sometimes use a vacuum analogy to describe how the FixMeStick works. The FixMeStick does not, however, literally suck viruses out of your computer into the FixMeStick. When the FixMeStick detects a virus it eliminates it. There is no chance of cross contamination between infected computers since the FixMeStick does not store viruses within itself.
Anti-virus programs work while your PC or Mac's operating system is running. These programs protect your computer from malicious software like viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware. Protection from these malicious threats is important and anti-virus software is highly recommended. The FixMeStick is a hardware device that runs before your PC or Mac starts to remove the infections that got past your anti-virus protection. Once malicious software gets into your computer, it can be impossible to remove it while your computer is on.
No - the FixMeStick will be the only program running on your PC. It doesn’t install anything to your PC which means that it’s impossible for it to conflict with programs already on your computer.
You don't need an internet connection to use the FixMeStick, but you do need an internet connection for the FixMeStick to update itself with the latest virus definitions.
Every anti-virus company has a dictionary of different types of viruses that it detects, and they’re always adding to the dictionary. The FixMeStick licenses the dictionaries from 3 different anti-virus companies and combines them into one super dictionary.
The FixMeStick is the best way to remove your virus. Independent security experts and government security agencies like the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team and The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre recommend cleaning an infected computer with an external bootable device, like the FixMeStick.
Hacker types can create their own bootable scanner, but the FixMeStick is a better solution for most non-techies.
  • Loads three different anti-virus scanners from three different anti-virus companies and runs them in parallel, in as little as 512 MB of RAM, and with similar throughput as a desktop “on-demand” scan.
  • Doesn’t store anything on the user’s PC (definitions remain on the USB).
  • Connects to wired and WIFI networks, and automatically connects to the user’s WiFi network.
  • Boots on just about everything.
  • Has a built-in remote connect client (TeamViewer).
  • Customer support provided by real people with technical and social skills to help people.