The Fantastic Voyage into the FixMeStick

Why we put ourselves in our own ad

We put ourselves in our new commercial because we want to show you who we are and what we believe in. Everyday, we help people and strive to provide smarter and more user-friendly virus removal solutions. We believe people can clean their own infected computers with the right tools.

Further, we believe in the empowering capacity of this "do it myself" spirit, and we wanted to capture this spirit by doing the engineering scenes ourselves.

There's a lot going on inside the stick...

The concept for the commercial came from the 1966 sci-fi classic film: Fantastic Voyage. In Fantastic Voyage a submarine crew is shrunk to microscopic size in order to venture inside the body of an important scientist to repair the damage to his brain. We decided this miniaturization concept was a good way to capture that “there is a whole lot going on inside the stick”.

Behind the Scenes


The FixMeStick offices do not actually look like a spaceship control center. The scenes "inside the stick" were filmed in a massive green room, and then a special effects team took the "green room" video and layered on the incredible imagery that you see in the ad. Here is a picture of Corey in the green room getting accustomed to his “gesture based user interface”, like the one predicted in Minority Report.


We had a little bit of fun with the console and made Corey's dials go to 11 in homage to the classic Spinal Tap scene. The millennials in our office didn’t get the reference.


We believe in being down to earth and accessible to our customers. We hope that by sharing this "behind the scenes" look at our team, you will get to know us a little better. Please give us a ring or send us an email and let us what what you think!


- Marty Algire, Co-founder and CEO


FixMeStick team members, from left to right: Annie Sorich (VP marketing), Max Martel (web developer), Corey Velan (co-founder, CFO, CTO), Marty Algire (co-founder, CEO)