You Know The “FixMeStick Support” Scams? We Contacted Them, Check Out What We Learned.

Have you seen the fake ads for “FixMeStick support”? Do not trust them. Just last week we had a customer scammed by one of them. To get some answers for you, we decided to contact these frauds ourselves and investigate their services. Keep reading to check out what we learned. 

Often when you search for “FixMeStick” there are fake support sites looking to scam you. If you’ve been scammed by these people, you’re not alone. On average 1 in every 10 Americans have lost money in a cyber scam in the last year, these scams usually cost around $400, totaling $9.5 billion in the last 12 months. 

One of the scams is “FixMeStick Repair Tool”. It promises a smorgasbord of PC fixes. If you search for other security products, you’ll see similar results with the product name switched out. 

Notice these webpages aren’t marked as “secure,” meaning their addresses begin with http instead of https.

We downloaded and installed this ‘tool’ on an old laptop we had in the office that we knew was clean and had nothing on it. It did several scans and we waited for the results.

Sure enough, it reported back that the PC was vulnerable and damaged and needed to be repaired.

It offered to ‘repair’ these issues but after you click “Start Repair” it redirects you to a page prompting you to pay and provide your personal information: 

We didn’t want to pay so we decided to try and uninstall the program. They did not make that easy, which is a good sign you’re dealing with a less than legitimate company.

When you try to uninstall this program they give you an option to remove software but keep some files on your device to “stay protected.” When you try to uninstall everything you get a popup of a special offer to purchase their program. All of these are warning signs. 

5 Key Takeaways About FixMeStick:

  • FixMeStick does not outsource customer support – everything from support to our warehouse is located in Montreal, Canada. 
  • FixMeStick’s domain will only ever be and it will always be secured, so check for “https”. If you see anything else or any variation, you’re in the wrong place.
  • FixMeStick does not install anything on to your computer. Everything runs off of the USB which is why you have to plug in the FixMeStick every time.
  • FixMeStick’s support is always free. We will never charge your for additional cleaning. We offer a free, virus removal guarantee – if you think you still have a virus after running FixMeStick, contact us and we’ll manually remove it for free.
  • FixMeStick doesn’t repair registry issues, though we can recommend a good partner product that does, it’s called System Mechanic.

If you ever have questions about our services feel free to contact FixMeStick support via chat at and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest threat intelligence.

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