StartMeSticks for Charity

Our team wants to offer tangible support to people impacted by systemic racism and police brutality. A well functioning computer is very nice to have in the best of times. It is essential to have in our current time with Internet-only access to work, school, family, and employment resources due to COVID-19.

For that reason we’re launching StartMeSticks for Charity. We’re committed to donating up to 1,000 StartMeSticks to charities.  

Do you know of a charity or similar organization that might benefit from StartMeStick? Simply email for further information. 

The StartMeStick makes any computer fast, secure, and private. 

  1. Plug the StartMeStick in and do whatever you need to online.
  2. It automatically connects to Internet so everything you do online you can do with the StartMeStick, e.g. social networks, search, email, streaming video, music, games, business apps, etc.
  3. Pull it out and your computer goes back to the way it was. It is like brand new every time you use it.

The StartMeStick can help organizations that: 

  • Have old computers they want to re-purpose for video conferencing 
  • Want to help students of all ages that need a computer for online learning (compatible with Google Classrooms)
  • Want to revive and recycle computers without functional hard drives 
  • Have an old operating system that is no longer supported (receiving security updates), but want to use the computer securely
  • Want to reduce e-waste and and re-use old computers

Can the StartMeStick help your charity or organization? Please contact us, we’re here to help!

Simply email for further info.

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