10 Reasons to Try the StartMeStick!

We recently launched our latest product, the StartMeStick. It turns any computer into a fast, secure and private one with just a few clicks. Whether you’ve already purchased a StartMeStick or you’re thinking about buying one, check out these 10 cool things you can do with it.

1. Watch Blazing Fast Videos And Video Calls Online

Do you ever want to go online to watch your favorite show or video call a distant friend or relative but it takes forever to turn on your computer and open a browser?

Save time with the StartMeStick. Simply plug it in and it turns any computer into a speedy one. It never slows down because it doesn’t collect the junk that causes frustrating errors, crashes, freezes, and slowdowns. It is like brand new every time you use it so you can always binge your favorite shows!

2. Stop Worrying About Viruses

Are you constantly worried about accidentally clicking on something and getting a virus on your computer? If you don’t have an antivirus program in place, or if you are worried you might accidentally click on a malicious link, then consider using a StartMeStick.

cartoon drawing of a virus on a computer screen
Use a StartMeStick and worrying about viruses!

It is very, very, improbable that the StartMeStick could be infected by viruses. If you are ever concerned that your StartMeStick has somehow been compromised, you simply factory upgrade it from a known clean computer to get it back to its ‘fresh out of the box’ state. With the StartMeStick you can confidently browse the internet to your heart’s content.

3. Enjoy a Private Browsing Session that Leaves no Trace

If you are tired of constantly deleting your internet history or clearing your browser to get rid of tracking cookies, try using a StartMeStick!

When you shut down your computer at the end of a session, StartMeStick goes back to a “brand new” state. That’s because StartMeStick doesn’t store any of your browsing histories.

4. Speed Print Your Documents

If you have a slow computer that you use to print your documents, it might be counterproductive to wait 15 minutes for that computer to turn on and another 10 minutes for that computer to open and load the document. You can avoid this hassle with the help of the StartMeStick

Simply boot into the StartMeStick on a Mac or Windows computer open your document, and hit print! No more waiting for your computer to load to be able to print that important document or picture.

Note: Your document needs to be uploaded onto an online cloud for this to work. See our guide on How to Receive, Edit, Share, and Print Microsoft Word Documents on the StartMeStick.

5. Securely Shop Online & Do Your Online Banking

If you’ve ever heard of a keylogger, you’ll know that it’s a very powerful virus that runs in the background of your computer – keeping track of everything you type including online banking usernames and passwords.

When you use the StartMeStick, you are less likely to be affected by viruses such as keyloggers that are hiding on your computer. That’s because the StartMeStick is designed with security (and you) in mind.

Person holding a credit card next to a computer
We recommend using StartMeStick to do your online shopping and banking.

The StartMeStick has quality security settings, and prevents people from making changes to those settings. It also drastically reduces the amount of software and corresponding complexity compared to your regular operating system. This reduces the potential vulnerabilities and surface area for attack. This is possible because the StartMeStick is focused on only doing one thing extremely well: Internet browsing.

There are many other probable security advantages of StartMe OS (our enhanced, slimmed down, locked down, Linux-based operating system). As open source software, the StartMeStick’s source code is transparent to public reviewers and thousands of experts who find and fix security issues fast. Further, the number of “in the wild” threats for Linux-based operating systems is still way lower than threats for Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X.

With this in mind, you can do all your online shopping, banking and browsing with peace of mind knowing you’re secure!

6. Save Money & Revive an Old or Slow Computer

Have a computer that turns on to a blue screen? How about another one that is so slow you cannot do anything on it?

A StartMeStick will breathe life into these old computers so you can use them once again, all day, every day. It also works on both Mac and Windows computers!

Give a second life to slow and old computers, or a one that boots to a blue screen.

7. Lighten up Your Backpack or Purse

Stop bringing a chunky laptop with you to work or school!

Simply place a StartMeStick on your keychain, find any public computer, and you can enjoy your very own online browsing session.

Don’t worry, the StartMeStick will not interfere or modify the host computer. Whether you are using your friend’s computer or a library computer, simply shut down the StartMeStick after your session and the host computer will go back to the way it was.

Carry a StartMeStick instead of your laptop!

8. Share Your Computer Safely With Kids

On a similar note, if you have children who regularly use your computer to browse the internet – consider giving them their own StartMeStick instead.

That way, there are no risks of your children:

  • Deleting important documents or applications from your computer
  • Clicking on something and infecting your computer with a virus
  • Downloading ‘grayware’ i.e. applications that are annoying or undesirable but don’t fall into the category of major virus threat
Young boy sitting next to a computer.

The StartMeStick doesn’t interfere with your computer’s files and applications so there’s no chance that a young child can make any changes.

9. Work Online Without Distractions

If you have a lot of applications installed on your computer, especially social media or games, these applications may distract you when you are doing online work or research by constantly sending you notifications.

With StartMeStick, turn these online work periods into highly productive work sessions. You will not receive any notifications that you’d normally get on your regular operating system so you can stay focused!

10. Save the Environment

Once you toss an old computer to the curb its life does not end there. It often ends up in an electronic graveyard where metals and toxic waste leak into the surrounding environment.

With the StartMeStick, give your old computers another chance by extending its life. You can learn more ways on how to extend the life of your computer here.

For Windows 7 users, remember that on Jan 14, 2020, Microsoft will end support for all Windows 7 systems. Give these older computers another chance and try a StartMeStick today!

Have a question about StartMeStick? Check out our FAQ page here or leave us a comment below!


    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Neal, thanks for your interest! The pricing differs depending on your location and subscription. Scroll down to the bottom of this web page to see how much it costs in your location.

  1. Chuck - Reply

    Why is the price different depending on our location? I don’t like the sounds of that and I’ve had Fix Me Stick for years.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Chuck, if you place your order in the US, you should get the prices in USD. If you place your order in the United Kingdom, you should see prices in GBP. Same for Canada. There are also different tax rates in different states and countries, so that’s why you will see a different price depending on where you are located.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for your interest! There are different types of subscription for the StartMeStick. To view their respective costs, click here and choose “Buy StartMeStick”.

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