How To Secure a New Computer

Did you know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best times to purchase electronic devices?

For those of you who took advantage of these awesome deals and bought a brand new computer, we have some tips for you! This week, we have 5 ways to secure that new desktop or laptop computer.

FixMeTip 1: Keep Software Up-to-date

We’ve published many security breaches on our blog. Check out some of the most recent ones here and here. Usually you’ll be able to protect yourself from these security holes by applying the latest software updates.

Keep in mind when we buy a product the software may have been loaded on to it months before you actually purchase it.

Software does not stay stagnant and is constantly changing. Hackers, in turn, are always looking for new ways to breach your computer’s security systems. If you don’t keep your software up-to-date, the odds of your computer being hacked are higher.

Some important updates you should always do on your computer are:

Update, update, update. (image: Unsplash)

FixMeTip 2: Install Security Programs

Like your home, the items on your computer can be highly personal and hold immense value to hackers. Similar to how you would install a lock or even an alarm in your new home, you should do the same on your new computer with the help of security programs.

Of course, we made the FixMeStick so that it can remove any hidden viruses. But we always recommend using the FixMeStick together with an antivirus program like McAfee which prevents most viruses from getting onto your computer.

FixMeTip 3: Plan Backup Options

Just because your computer is new doesn’t mean you can’t accidentally lose all your data. If you store your tax documents, pictures, bank statements, and other important documents electronically on your computer, accidental damages or ransomware can be devastating if you don’t have these items backed up.

Learn more about why we recommend backing up your computer.

FixMeTip 4: Protect Your Privacy

In 2019, there was a shift in the general public’s awareness about online privacy, with some people referring to this as the “great privacy awakening”. One of the most well-known examples of this is the Cambridge Analytica case where Facebook users’ data was collected and used to influence election results in the U.S. and U.K.

In light of this, here at FixMeStick we’ve developed a new product called StartMeStick that gives you more privacy online. It won’t prevent major companies from collecting your information, but it adds a layer of privacy by preventing your operating system from collecting information your data.

And of course, if you’ve used our recommend VPN – NordVPN, you’ll know that it does a great job of encrypting your internet traffic to add another layer of privacy protection. Learn more about what we think of NordVPN here.

In 2019, there’s has been a shift in our awareness of online privacy.

FixMeTip 5: Remove Unused Software or Bloatware

Bloatware refers to the software that came pre-installed on your computer. If you do not use these programs then it’s best to get rid of them so they don’t slow down your computer. You can remove these programs by following this guide here.

If you’d like to take a further step into keeping your computer clean so that it stays fast, check out our guide on extending the life of your computer.

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