I Have Windows 7, am I in Trouble?

From speaking with our users, Windows 7 seems to be a fan favourite when it comes to Windows’ operating systems. Many of our Windows users have either Windows 10 or 7, with Windows 8 and 8.1 being the least popular.

If you are not sure which version of Windows you are currently using, check out our post here to find out.

Recently, a reader left a comment on our article asking, “…once Microsoft is not doing Windows updates how safe is my computer going to be? Yes, I still have Windows 7. Since many of our customers are in this boat we want to address the question – Will Windows 7 continue to be a safe choice?

When does support stop?

Microsoft already ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. However, they recently announced that on January 14, 2020, they will “no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7.”

This means even if any security issues are found in the Windows 7 software, Microsoft will not fix these security issues for individual users. Large companies, however, can still receive security fixes but at higher prices.

Can I still use my computer?

Yes, your computer will still turn on and you’ll still be able to use your programs and surf the Internet. However, applications such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will eventually drop their respective browsers for Windows 7 users. Another popular browser, Microsoft Edge, does not work on Windows 7 at all.

Additionally, you might experience hardware issues. Wireless bluetooth keyboards and mice might not pair properly with your Windows 7, and new drivers to connect speakers or printers might not work properly.

What steps should I take?

Without the latest browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, you will be exposed to many threats while surfing online. In fact, Internet Explorer is one of the worst browsers when it comes to online security.

That’s why it’s imperative to have a third party antivirus. We recommend McAfee since it protects against ransomware, has a file lock function, and even an anti-spam filter so you can stay safe while using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer.

Also make sure to up your FixMeStick usage on those Windows 7’s for an extra layer of protection. Try running it twice a month instead of just once.

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Obviously, one of your options is to upgrade to a later version of Windows that is still supported like 8, 8.1 or 10. Microsoft offered their customers a free Windows 10 upgrade back in 2016, but this offer is no longer available.

Today, the cost to get the full version of the Windows 10 software is over $100 for a single computer license. You can also purchase a brand new computer that comes with the Windows 10 software. But keep in mind this will cost at least $500 or more and is less environmentally friendly like we discussed in our Earth Day blog here.

If you would like to continue using your Windows 7 computer, you can run a computer optimization software such as System Mechanic to enhance its performance. This will cost you less than $25 from our online store.

And of course, for added security, you can run an antivirus software like McAfee alongside with your FixMeStick, which will cost you a combined total of less than $100 per year. For enhanced security when you are surfing online, you can consider using a virtual private network such as NordVPN, which also costs less than $50 per year.

Does this happen with Apple?

Windows is actually more transparent in this process, they let consumers know end-of-support dates well in advance of phasing out software.

However, with Apple, it’s more of a guessing game. Remember when they used to name it’s operating systems after big cats? Well, you didn’t receive a notification but security updates for Version 10.8 Mountain Lion are far gone.

Now, Apple names newer operating system versions after California’s scenic landscapes. The pattern Mac watchers have noticed is that Apple supports security updates for three operating systems at a time– which now means Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Most recently Apple has stopped releasing security updates for El Capitan. On the Apple Security Release page, the only place Apple publishes their security updates, you can see El Capitan was last patched in June 2018.

If you’re on El Capitan or earlier (check how here) you might want to do that update as long as the software supports your hardware (check here).

Again, this is where that third party antivirus comes in handy. Get a McAfee Total Protection subscription here and save! And don’t forget your FixMeStick scans.

What’s been your favourite operating system over the years?


  1. Paul Paton - Reply

    Thank you for the update re Win 7 support until 2020…I am still getting updates to my Win 7 Pro as of this day…

  2. Yonathan Sadok (Yoni) Kibru - Reply

    Thank you…I have Windows 10 now. I don’t have Windows 7 anymore. Windows XP and Server 2003 recently reached their end of life.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi there, we recommend you to check out this Microsoft page here to better answer this question.

  3. Anonymous - Reply

    Please cancel my subscription with Fix Me Stick.
    Gail and Gerry Toop

  4. Anonymous - Reply

    Well….you blew out my computer with your last shift to “10”…………..so please forward $385.00 (Cnd) and I will consider the upgrade….

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Lori, to receive support for your FixMeStick, you can contact us at support@fixmestick.com. We are not affiliated with Microsoft. You’ll have to contact Microsoft support at this link here for support on Windows 10.

  5. James Seymour - Reply

    Good Luck. Programers do not ask for much. It is making ends meet that is a stunt!

  6. Chuck - Reply

    When they force me to use Windows 10 I will smash my computer and do without.

    • Dave Simpson - Reply

      I hear that Chuck. I wonder how well anti spyware works on an operating system that as a secondary role, IS spyware. LOL

  7. Earl Merritt - Reply

    So essentially Windows again creates a market for Windows 10 to those who use Windows 7. Win 7 was to us users better than Win 10 and Microsoft just makes us into patsies again like they did when they stopped Windows Pro XP. Anything to make money from us is the whole story behind Microsoft as far as I am concerned. Now I know why hackers stopped using windows some years ago. I think I may look into what the hackers use.

  8. Anonymous - Reply


    • Linda - Reply

      Hi there, your FixMeStick will continue to work on Windows 7 computers. It will receive virus updates automatically every time you start a scan.

  9. Carol Evans - Reply

    I just bought Fix Me Stick that is suppose to last me a life time and now you’re shutting if off. How do I get my money back for this scam?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Carol, your FixMeStick will continue to work on your Windows 7 computer, for the Lifetime of this computer. Sorry about the confusion. It’s Microsoft that is ending support for Windows 7 computers.

  10. Rich Pagoria - Reply

    Is their a third party Windows 7 emulator available so I don’t have to learn yet another Windows.

  11. ANA sancha Victoria - Reply

    if I pay the $100 fee for windows 10, will my mouse(built in) keyboard, etc work the same as with windows 7 or shall I have to use hands on screen to operate functions?
    PLEASE answer ……..

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Ana, updating your computer to Windows 7 will not affect the functioning of your keyboard and mouse. For more information, you can contact Microsoft using this link here.

  12. Anonymous - Reply

    If they drop Win 7 support they should loose all intellectual property rights for it and it becomes public domain. Had win 10 and it was garbage, nothing worked well! Eventually an update deleted it. Yup……

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Ron, the FixMeStick works differently than regular antivirus programs. It will scan your computer when your main system is off, so it will find any viruses that are hiding on it. We recommend using it alongside an antivirus program of your choice. The antivirus program we like to use is McAfee.

    • Anonymous - Reply

      Ron I have used Vipre since late 2013 it has worked great for me I am on the Internet all the time . Around I want to say it was I added FixMeStick . While I’m very glad I did it has only caught a couple of very minor things that got past Vipre . And my vipre is the old version . they also have wonderful US based tech support . And FYI I got both Vipre and FixMeStick at HSN(home shopping network because I got smoking deals that I could pay off monthly . 2 examples that they have are Vipre Avanced Security Antivirus Software lifetime(of the computer) licenses for 10 PCs $89.99 or 3 payments of $30.00 free shipping and FixMeStick Plus Lifetime(computer) Virus Removal for 6 PCs or Apple Macs and as you can tell just from here they have Great Support and I’m very sure it is US based $99.99 or 3 payments of $33.33 s&h $5.50 To get payments you need a bank debit card or bank linked paypal .I give both of these 5 stars . use the code NEW2019 for $10 off first order Hoped this helped you if not it helps somebody .

      • Linda - Reply

        Hi Ron, thanks for your support in FixMeStick! We actually run our services out of our headquarters in Montreal up in Canada, including our tech support.

  13. Wayne Hubbard - Reply

    I’ve had 7 for a long time now and it’s worked very well….my computer tech expert advises 10 now that they have enhanced security etc…so I will be switching in the next month.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi John, you can check out this page from Microsoft here to better answer your question.

  14. Bernadette - Reply

    Your email message to me indicated that I have Windows 7….I use my FixStick at least once a month or more, but I no longer have Windows 7 and have updated to Windows 10….Doesn’t my current FixStick run accordingly w/Windows 10 when scanning my files?

  15. Joe Calafell - Reply

    Hi there,
    I’ve learned to use Linux ( Mint ) and now can’t even remember how to use Windows ( anything ) anymore and love the Linux based operating system. It’s not a hard learning curve, and a very straightforward system to install, and to use. The best part is NO VIRUSES to speak of. It installed very simply on my Windows laptop, and I doubt that I’ll EVER go back to Windows ( bye bye Bill Gates ) .

  16. Jay Michael Mullin - Reply

    I have Win 10 on my two laptops, one of which I have removed the battery and put to sleep, the other is on the kitchen table to play card games. I DETEST Windows 8 & 10; it has been a constant problem. I will stay with Win7 on my deskktop and do a weekly FIXMESTICK! I’m 79 and can NOT see switching to another OS. When it fails, it fails and the entire chain of programs, sellers, and e-mail will drop into the sea and I will go back to the 1980s! BTW, I did buy the Windows 10 [with disc] and have never installed it.

  17. Robert Allen - Reply

    windows vista… what will happen with it? The same or different? Thanks!

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Robert, Microsoft already ended support for Windows Vista two years ago!

  18. Garland - Reply

    I think the Linux is a better choice than microsoft at this point, however I would have thought that some one would have come out with a straight up UNIX operating system since Hewlett Packard has used it for years. HP makes computers, so why not put out a straight up Hewlett Packard Unix operating system? Probably because you would never need another computer again! Linux is ok’ but it mimicks Unix in almost every way. With a straight up Unix operating System however you won’t get that little message, (“are you sure you want to…) ; it will just execute the command! What are you thoughts on this? HP can do it, but I just don’t understand why they won’t!

  19. Kathleen Spear - Reply

    Thanks, FIXMESTICK. I haven’t read about this anywhere else. I have Windows 10 but I know friends who have Windows 7. The email you sent was easy for me to understand and I appreciate you explaining what needs to be done and who doesn’t have to do anything.

  20. Gordon Heffler - Reply

    Look, I use W7 now and still have an operating XP pc as well….this upgrade required to 10 is absolute hype by MS. I use my pc’s not to surf but as audio/video machines and XP was the greatest OS for that…then MS dumbed down W7 so that everything became much harder to control audio and video and now they are threatening us again with this W10 which everyone knows is crap. MY XP and W7 has had updates turned off for years and both still function perfectly (not connected to internet) and now since everyone under the age of 30 seems to want to go internetting on their phones…a pc not going on internet and no updates works fine! (If it ain’t broke why fix it or maybe die trying to fix it) MS keep your idiot proof W10 that will not work properly for audio video in house as I have 3 spare W7 machines sitting in the closet and intend to use them for the rest of my time on the planet! Keep your safe browsers and updates as I for one dont need them…now or after Jan 2020…my machines will be still operating well into the 2030’s even if I am not!

  21. Sue - Reply

    I really liked windows 7. I have tried windows 10 and hated it. I think I am going to a chromebook.

  22. Anonymous - Reply

    I’m glad I upgraded to windows 10 when I did. I will continue to run fix me stick. Thank you.

  23. Andy - Reply

    I REFUSE to upgrade to Windows 10!!!! After Win 7 support ends how longwill I be able to download the previous updates if I need to reinstall Win 7 (such as after a harddrive replacement)? Thanks

  24. Becky Muraro - Reply

    I am with Chuck I will smash my computer. Windows 10 sucks! I like my photo gallery with Windows 7 so I have to use Windows 7. I guess I will live in danger because billionaire Gates will not cover all his customers that have bought his products for years. This is bull!

  25. doran - Reply

    been nice knowing ya… I’m not going to use windows 10 … ever.

  26. Mizuson - Reply

    Have W-7. Had W-10 and trash caned it. If MS won’t support W-7 any longer guess I’ll go back to the telephone and pen & paper.

  27. Michael - Reply

    Thank you for the reminder, had already received notice from Microsoft. Was just wondering if my present FixMe Stick will still work on a computer with Windows 10 (which I am going to buy), or will I have to buy another one?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Michael, the FixMeStick works on Windows 10 computers. In fact, the majority of our customers have Windows 10 and we even made a video on how you can start a scan on there. You can watch the video linked here.

  28. Gayle Heffernan - Reply

    What does it mean in your post that Google Chrome will eventually drop their browser from WIn 7 users?
    As well, if Microsoft stops supporting security issues do you need an antivirus etc program such as McPhee to safeguard your computer if you still want to run Win 7?
    Thank you

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Gayle, that’s a good question. Google Chrome might stop updating their browsers for security and other fixes on Windows 7. But currently, they have not announced any plans to do so. And yes, once Microsoft stops supporting security updates to Windows 7, you will have to depend on antivirus software like McAfee to stay protected.

  29. Terri - Reply

    I’ve had amazing support from the good folks at FixMeStick whenever there was need. So I really appreciate these notices. These notices also boast of the quality support everyone is privy to thanks to FixMeStick operations.

    I use Win 8.1. Love it. Had an HP Win 7 machine, still have it actually. But it was a nightmare. Loved XP. Was an amazing program. Love my Win 8.1 almost just as much. Love the fact that my systems with the Win 8.1 was also touchscreen. Huge plus, especially for zooming pages really large when necessary. Hated being forced to do with Win10 trojanized update. Killed out the touchscreen in my laptop. Reverting back to Win 8.1 did not fix it. Microsoft did not want to help & they new this was an issue. Still enjoy my laptop otherwise. But neither my desktop or laptop have ever worked as well after that MS “update” fiasco. Couldn’t get rid of Win10 fast enough. Sooo miss how my previously wonderful machines worked before Win10 was forced on us. ugh. That forced trojanized win10 update converted a lot of folks to Apple as a result. Can’t fault them for it. Was MS’s fault. For now, I make due with what I got to work with. Thankfully, NOT Win 10, but still.

    Die hard Apple fans say there’s nothing better. I’d like to give them a try but have to wait till funds present themselves. O well. Not a Google fan by any means either. Easiest way to get hacked, no matter how “private” you have your settings. Google used to offer support for their services. Was easy to talk to somebody. Not anymore. Now they offer NO support. Very sad. Forum support is not the same as “Direct” support, something Google used to provide. Microsoft used to as well. Now you’re lucky IF you can get “Forum” support. ugh. So have my Android as restricted as possible – phone, text & Kindle reads. That’s it. … So while MS’s Explorer Browser might not be safe, Google’s Browsers are even worse. So wisdom dictates finding a “Secure Browser” outside the realm of MS & Google, like Firefox, and make that your default browser. There are a couple others like DuckDuckGo as well, which you can find within the Firefox settings. Just research safest & most secure web browsers. And if possible, stay away from getting a Gmail account. Once you have an issue with your Gmail, it’s virtually impossible to fix it, IF you are even able to delete it. But then you still have to go through all your other online accounts to update both their login & password information, and change your phone number as well. If they gain access to your Gmail then they have access to ALL your accounts & personal systems, including your modem router. :0(

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Terri, thanks for sharing these tips and your experiences with Windows updates and Gmail! It’s great to see that you are taking many preventative measures to keep yourself safe online!

    • Dave Simpson - Reply

      I despise Google as well, but over 90% of all internet searches go thru them, They own every piece of the pie, Chrome, Android, G-mail, Yahoo.com, YouTube to list a few. Look up Alphabet(Googles “parent corp”). But I guess owning 90% of a worlds market share isn’t a monopoly!!! Ya right.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Dex, unfortunately, the current version of the FixMeStick was not designed to support tablet or smartphone use. You can only use it on Windows or Mac computers.

  30. Dave Simpson - Reply

    I love Windows 7 pro, as I did XP pro and all it takes to hate Windows 10 is to value your American constitutional rights and to understand that once you agree to the EULA of Windows 10, you forfeit some of those rights, rights to privacy in your own home, and right to due process of the courts as to search warrants and such. I suggest to anyone, read every page of the End User License Agreement, it’s all written out right there.
    As to Fix Me Stick , I love it and I have much faith in it. It has saved me a pc once for sure. I use it in tandem with system mechanics, and I like the fact it operates differently than most all others deep in the core of operations when the programs are dormant. Very clever I think personally. Great product. If you use it often, hopefully you will never know how much you WOULD have needed it. Thank you FIX ME STICK.

    • Dave Simpson - Reply

      p.s. Linda, wow you are so busy commenting and helping everyone, thank you for being another reason to like FIX ME STICK. 🙂

      • Linda - Reply

        Hi Dave, thanks for being a FixMeStick customer and for letting us know about the EULA statements in Windows 10. I’m sure it will make many people think twice before they skip through the EULA next time. If you require assistance using your FixMeStick in the future, definitely reach out to us and we’ll be very happy to help!

  31. Anonymous - Reply

    I through that the fix me stick cover this that it would protect my computer for the life of my computer why is it not?
    Sometimes does not sound right.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi there, if you have a FixMeStick with Lifetime licenses on it, you can use it for the Lifetime of your computers. If you are still unsure about this, you can send the serial number of your FixMeStick to support@fixmestick.com and one of our agents can check this information for you.

  32. Lynn Johnson - Reply

    I have had a problem with Chrome ‘extensions’ and now it seems to be looping and caught in malware. I was hoping that the FIXMESTICK would clean that up, but I have run it twice and it does not help. Can you help me with this?


    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for reaching out! Sometimes FixMeStick won’t remove these things because we accidentally gave them permission to be there (often because they come bundled with other things). If you send us an email to support@fixmestick.com someone can remote connect and manually remove it for you.


  33. Anton - Reply

    As of today (5th August 2019) it is still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. As long as you have a valid Windows 7 (or later OS) licence it will install using that licence. Windows 10 can be downloaded directly from Microsoft for free so don’t consider alternative download locations.

  34. Trina - Reply

    I LOVE Windows 7. Tried Windows 10 and absolutely hated it. Took laptop to Best Buy and had them put 7 back on. I am really upset. I understand win 7. Obviously to get people to buy win 10 or use it, they had to take away win 7. Tells you that win 10 is not worth the money. I am old school, and mainly do family research, do google things. I really tried to understand win 10, but too confusing for me. (am I getting old? 🙁 ….)

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