Here’s How Hackers Can Steal Your Passwords

Focusing on passwords this week, brings us to the biggest question of them all: How do hackers actually obtain our passwords? Behind the scenes, hackers have created numerous tricks to accessing our personal information.

Check out this list of the most common ways hackers steal our passwords:

  1. Phishing – attaching unknown files, that are often malware, to emails
  2. Social engineering – scammers try to manipulate you into personally revealing your passwords
  3. Stolen login credentials – hackers can access databases full of stolen data, that has either been stolen, sold, or exposed without permission
  4. Keyloggers – hackers will use spyware to track every key you hit. Save your passwords with Dashlane for an extra layer of protection (try it free here!)
  5. Ad injectors/pop-ups – ensure you have an adblocker installed on your web browser
  6. Password attacks  hackers will use malicious programs designed to cycle through brute force combinations and dictionaries until they unlock your password
  7. Artificial intelligence – new programs can learn from already used passwords.
  8. Network monitoring – encrypt your internet connection with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This avoids exposure of your information to others working on your network.
  9. Credential stuffing – using stolen credentials to access all and any of your online accounts. Hackers will essentially try the same usernames and passwords across multiple platforms in order to unlock as much data as possible.

How to protect yourself from getting hacked:

  1. Choose a strong password
  2. Use a password manager – Dashlane will not only help you to remember secure passwords, but also create them! It’s easy, and FREE! Click here.
  3. Change your password frequently – this should be done a minimum of twice a year.
  4. Use two-factor authentication – many applications present you with this option right when you sign up. This is highly recommended for online accounts.
  5. Use login notifications – this will inform you every time you (or someone else!) attempts to login to one of your accounts.

Dashlane Password Manager makes having secure accounts easy:

  • Automatically log into your accounts so you’ll never forget another password
  • Generate strong, unique passwords with a single click and change them in seconds
  • Create and log into accounts with a single click
  • Secure passwords and data in Dashlane’s military-grade encrypted vault
  • It’s easy and FREE!

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