How to Choose Between Free and Paid Antivirus Software

The FixMeStick is the world’s best-selling virus removal device. But does that mean you no longer need antivirus software? No! The FixMeStick works in partnership with antivirus. Antivirus is your everyday protection, like brushing your teeth, to make sure that most viruses stay out. However, inevitably threats get through and that’s why you need the FixMeStick! The FixMeStick is like going to the dentist once a year for a deep clean.

So we’ve determined that you need the FixMeStick and an antivirus program. But now the question is, should I pay for an antivirus software? In this article, we break down some of the differences between free and paid antivirus software so you can make a decision on which is best for you.

What Is Subscription-Based Software?

As recently as 2010, most software programs had a single up-front cost that lets you pay once for the program. You can use it for as long as the software continued to work on your computer.

In recent years, different types of subscription models have emerged. For example, there are software that are free for everyone. Then there are the freemium software that allows you to use it for free, but requires you to pay for extra features or for support services, like Spotify.

The FixMeStick and our partner products like McAfee Total Protection are subscription-based softwares. This means you pay a monthly or annual fee to use the software and receive updates to the software for that whole year.

Free versus Paid Virus-Removal Software Comparison

When you use free antivirus software, it will not cost you any money. While the financial benefits may be obvious, what happens if the software stops working? Is there a free support service readily available where you can receive help? And who do you contact when you have a question about a virus or if the software is not working properly?

When you use software that requires a single up-front cost, you may be required to pay for additional software updates or security patches when the time comes.

If you do not pay for any additional updates or security patches, your software might stop working all-together or become incompatible with the latest operating system on your computer. Even worse, it may not be the most up-to-date and thus not find the latest threats.

This is where the benefits of a paid subscription come in. With McAfee and FixMeStick you pay a subscription fee but will have access to the latest virus definitions to keep you safe and free Customer Support six days a week to answer any questions.

More Benefits of Software Subscriptions

When you pay for an antivirus software subscription, there’s also no risk that the software will suddenly stop working one day or stop receiving updates one day. Your virus definitions will always be updated so your computer will always be protected from the latest types of virus threats out on the internet.

Paying for a subscription on any software, including antivirus, will provide the company financial motivation to keep updating the software programs and adding cool new features (did you know McAfee just added a VPN?)

At FixMeStick, we welcome all feedback. Have a cool new feature we should add? Leave it in the comments below.

Know What You’re Getting

Some antivirus companies will use the same interface, regardless of if you’re paying for their product. This can be good (or bad) depending on if you like their user interface (i.e. how their products look). However, other free antivirus programs give you a scaled-down version of their paid interface which comes with different features. Often you’ll only get the bare minimum with a free service so make sure you know what you want and if it comes with the free or paid version.

Remember, you’ll want an antivirus with your FixMeStick! So if you haven’t tried FixMeStick yet, give it a try here

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