FixMeStick HQ: Our Go-To Cyber Security Practices

Our digital reality requires everyone contribute to Online Safety at Work and be #CyberAware, which is this week’s theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here at FixMeStick HQ we use a few different programs to make sure our business data remains safe and secure. Want to be cyber secure like us? Keep reading!

  1. Passwords – they’re complex and updated often plus all our accounts have two factor authentication (2FA) for an added layer of security!
    • Our go to password manager is Dashlane so we know our passwords are complex, unique, and updated regularly.
    • 2-factor-authentication requires that when you enter a password, you are prompted for an additional code that is generated on a use-by-use basis either through email or the Google Authenticator app. This way the portal knows it’s really you. 
  2. Antivirus – all our computers have McAfee Total Protection installed so when we’re online we aren’t concerned about malicious attacks or unsafe downloads and attachments. McAfee is our go-to antivirus to protect us in real-time.
  3. FixMeStick – we have reminders set every month to scan our computers, so every computer in our office gets a regular deep clean.
  4. Updates – viruses are looking for tech flaws to exploit so we always update our devices and use the latest technological patches to protect our machines.

What do you do at your office or home to keep online information secure? Share with us below!

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