E-Waste Answers

Hopefully you learned something from our e-waste quiz. Check out the full answers and explanations for each question below.

What does e-waste stand for?

E-waste stands for electronics waste. It is the trash we generate from broken and old or obsolete electronic devices. It is your old cell phones, a computer that no longer works, and the old printer you recently replaced.

What country produces the most e-waste annually?

Although it used to be the US, China now leads the way.

What should you do with an old computer that you don’t use anymore?

When you throw your old electronics in the regular garbage they will end up in the landfills with everything else. This releases materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium into the soil, water, and atmosphere which isn’t great for the environment. By recycling your old electronics properly you can minimize this.

Is an old phone, that still works e-waste?

Yes! Just because your old electronics still work doesn’t mean they’re not e-waste. E-waste refers to old and obsolete electronics. So if you’re no longer using it you can recycle it as e-waste, you don’t have to wait for it to break.

According to the UN what percent of total global e-waste is recycled?

Only 15-20% of total global e-waste is recycled according to the UN.

How many new consumer electronics are bought every year?

An estimate is 1.6 billion and this is expected to grow year over year.

What’s one way to make your computer last longer?

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