Change Your Password Right Now If You’re Not Using These Tips

How can you be sure that the passwords you’re choosing are really strong enough?

Take these for example:  Zdhkqjbu83, lw;62v74y, 74Xmbgdapw.

Are you really secure with these passwords? 

We often see randomly generated passwords like these that come with our Internet routers or newly purchased mobile applications. These seemingly random combinations look very secure due to their nonsensical appearance. In reality, they each have a pattern of composition, rendering them equivalently easy for a hacker to discern as a combination padlock.

Is your “strong” password actually extremely predictable?

  • Are you using “transformation” variations of the same password across multiple accounts? Adding numbers/characters, replacing a letter with a similar looking character, as well as adding, deleting, or changing the order of characters is predictable.
  • Are you creating a password based on website or company guidelines? “This password must contain 1 number, 1 capital, 1 symbol, and 8 characters.” – predictable!

Most users follow the basic security guidelines when creating a password, but here are some tips to avoid predictability and ensure your strong passwords are even stronger:

  1. When possible, choose a password 12-15 characters in length.
  2. Use a different special character you’ve never used before.
  3. Avoid using dictionary words, slang, places, common phrases, email addresses, or names.
  4. Turn a memorable phrase into an acronym. ex. “When I moved to Fake City, I lived with 5 roommates and made 14$ an hour.” becomes: WimtFC,ilw5ram14$ah.
  5. Create phrases by combining random unassociated words. These should not make sense at all – ex: “AsphaltCollegeLaughsDog”. 
  6. Use a password manager. Dashlane makes sure you use random, unique passwords across all your accounts easily.

Remembering all these passwords is the most difficult part. With Dashlane you’ll never have to remember another password, and it also makes impossible for hackers to steal your passwords:

  • Dashlane enforces strict passwords policies concerning your master password and it is never stored in Dashlane servers
  • Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption in combination with salting, and AWS servers, ensuring the highest and safest protection possible.
  • Dashlane is constantly auditing their security. They hire good guys to figure out all the cracks before the bad guys do.  

Here are just some of the other features of Dashlane:

  • Automatically log into your accounts so you’ll never forget another password
  • Generate strong, unique passwords with a single click and change them in seconds
  • Create and log into accounts with a single click
  • Securely store and autofill payment information for instant checkout
  • Secure passwords and data in Dashlane’s military-grade encrypted vault
  • Optional two-factor authentication for added security
  • Can automatically changes passwords on 500 websites
  • Receive security monitoring services and breach alerts

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