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Your Cybersecurity Checklist For Tax Season

It’s tax time and the deadlines are fast approaching. If you’re in Canada, April 30th is the date to keep in mind, in the US, it’s April 15th. Tax season used to mean mountains of paperwork but more and more people are taking advantage of online software to file. Unfortunately, this opens the door to digital threats you need to be aware of. We’ve put together a guide to keep you safe this tax season.

Safer Internet Day – Together for a Better Internet

The global digital population was an estimated 4.2 billion people last year and it’s only growing. But so are safety concerns. 52% of Internet users are more concerned with online privacy than they were a year ago. Think about your social media accounts – 3.4 billion people use social media to document their lives and keep up with loved ones. Yet 6 in ten people feel that social media has too much power. Our team has put together some awesome advice on how to stay secure online in time for Safer Internet Day.