Can You Spot the Latest Shopping Scams?

Earlier this month, we’ve shared some of the latest shopping scams that have popped up in 2019. This week, we’ve created an exciting new quiz to test your knowledge of shopping scams to prepare you just in time for Black Friday!

How ready are you to shop until you drop? Scroll down to try the quiz and see how many scams you can spot from the real deals.

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Black Friday – Scam or Not?

Practice your skills before Black Friday and see if you can pass! Some answers are partially correct so try to choose the best answer for each case.

If you are confused about any of the questions, you can check out the detailed solutions to each question here.

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  1. Paul Seabrook - Reply

    My answer re: Air Canada is not wrong as I have never been on one of their planes.

    I never click on any PayPal emails, most I get are spoofs which they confirmed.

    So I don’t except your results…

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Paul, thanks for trying our quiz! This is a tricky quiz and some of the solutions are partially correct. To see why the Air Canada answer is not correct, check out the detailed explanation here. Basically, it does not matter whether you have flown with Air Canada recently or not. The important thing is to check the sender’s email address.

  2. Anonymous - Reply

    Enjoyed the Quiz I tend to not trust anything offered on the net. Got 4 – 7 hard to trust anything these days but do know how to check the sender out. thank you

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Keith! When you answer a question wrong it will tell you immediately that it was wrong. The background of the picture would be highlighted in red as well if you were wrong.

  3. Bert Nash - Reply

    I goofed! I think i read too much into the quizzes and created doubt in my decisions for each response

    • Linda - Reply

      Thanks for trying our quiz, Bert! This is a tricky one so it’s good to see that you were thinking twice about each response.

  4. Ron Brown - Reply

    Always take the time to check out any offer before concurring with any deal because the time you take to investigate right now will save you a lot of grief later .

  5. Anonymous - Reply

    5 out 7 not bad ….but still got caught. I think I’m quite careful but made mistake. Easy done. Plus got 2 scam emails from amazon the other day and opened one as had bought an item that day. I was so annoyed with myself ….got to be on your guard all the time. Thanks Jacky.

  6. Jon Smitherman - Reply

    I enjoy these quizzes and appreciate you taking the time to send them out. Thanks Linda.

    • Linda - Reply

      Thanks for trying our quiz, Jon! We do take the time to create them to make sure they are relevant and educational.

  7. Teej - Reply

    I do not shop on line in general.. Need the workout of going store to store and keeping my money local as much as possible.. If half of our USA population did this , think of how many scammers would go out of business…

  8. Anonymous - Reply

    Air Canada got me–did not look at email address close–I let the birds do the flying now–lol–Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Ninnetta Francellno - Reply

    Thanks for the survey… I usually don’t shop online.. I do occasionally, I avoid thank u gift cards & any other gift thank u gift
    If anyone has something for me please send it to me..Because of so many scams I don’t even use my PayPal acct….Thanks Again

  10. Anonymous - Reply

    I like these kind of quizzes, keep them coming. I only shop online on sites I have used for years. Karen

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