Behind The Scenes At FixMeStick HQ

Welcome to FixMeStick HQ! Have you ever wondered what goes into making a FixMeStick and getting it to your door so you easily remove viruses? This tiny USB is jam packed with technology and has a great team supporting it – from engineering to marketing, customer support to packing and fulfillment – we do it all out of our one office here in Montreal, Canada. Keep reading to check it out!

Our office is located in an old loft where we all work in one big room with our co-founders, Corey and Marty. It is never a dull moment at FixMeStick, from answering your emails and calls, making and shipping FixMeSticks and coming up with new ways to improve FixMeStick – it’s a busy place.




Once the FixMeStick USBs arrive from our suppliers there is a lot that goes into making them the usable product that over a million people world wide trust to clean their computer.







First, we need to plug them into a charging board where we load them with the latest FixMeStick technology. Our engineers design the FixMeStick to be easy-to-use so all you have to do is plug it in and FixMeStick goes to work to scan your computer externally with multiple antivirus engines to find the latest threats.

After they’re loaded with the latest technology they individually fit into specific packaging depending on where they are going. For example, if you order from our website you’ll get a different package than if you went into a retail location – but the FixMeStick itself has all the same technology.

Then they’re off to their destination – we ship to individual address, like your home, or to our distributors located across North America and Europe.

Would you like to know more about the ins and outs of FixMeStick? Feel free to comment below and tell us what you’d like to see next!


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  1. Thomas Cooper - Reply

    I started using the fms a couple of years or so ago. It seems to to a very good job of getting out those unwanted stuff that will ruin your pc. đź‘Ť
    Just wondering, how long is a fms good for? In other words, what is the life expectancy of a fix me stick? Thank you.

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hey Thomas,

      FixMeStick is a subscription based service so it depends on your subscription. If you want to send us the serial number from the side of your FixMeStick we can take a look for you.


  2. Paul Paton - Reply

    Hey guys, your little usb stick is perhaps one the most important inventions of the 21st century…it so very easy to use…everyone that has a home computer should have one…it has found nasty stuff on both my computers that my other programs never find.
    Congratulations for bring your wonderful and very useful product to the world.

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