Author: FixMeStick

[HACK ALERT] Quora Hack Affects 100 Million Users

Have you ever queried about something on Quora? If so you might be in for a rude awakening. On November 30th Quora found a remote third party hacker was accessing one of the site’s systems, they released a statement about it on Monday, December 3rd. CEO Adam D’Angelo has assured that the breached system is no longer vulnerable and a digital investigation is underway. Keep reading to learn more. 

Check Out What Our Team Is Asking For This Holiday Season

At our office in Montreal we’ve experienced our first snowfall of the season, we just had our team holiday party, and we can’t wait for the holidays! We understand holidays can be stressful if you don’t know what to give people. Especially if they’re asking for the latest tech gadgets and you’re not sure what they are or even if they’re safe and secure. Our team wanted to make your holiday shopping a little easier by creating a list of the things we’re wishing for. Keep up with our Facebook page to see new updates everyday or check out the full list below. 

[BREACH ALERT] Massive Marriott Data Breach Affects 500 Million Customers

If you’re planning a sunny getaway or a white Christmas make sure you haven’t booked anything at a Marriott hotel… in the past five years. Today, security experts announced a data breach affected 500 million guests at Marriott hotels. Since 2014 there has been unauthorized access to data at Starwoods hotels chain which Marriott acquired two years ago. This is one of the largest breaches in the past decade, read on to learn everything you need to know. 

Thinking Of Buying A ‘Smart Device’ This Holiday Season, Check Out Our Gift Ranking

Not only is Mozilla now looking out for your browsing needs, they’ve also produced a second “Privacy Not Included list. It warns you about Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or ‘smart devices’ you should stay away from this holiday season. We had our team make a list of smart devices that are secure, not too intrusive, and will make your life easier!