Are Passwords the Safest Method to Keep You Secure?

Wrapping up a whirl-wind World Password Week, we wanted to take a look at what’s next in password security. Are passwords really the safest method? They seem to be the most universal, but what are some other digital keys we can begin implementing as alternatives to passwords?

  • Two-factor authentication in combination with Dashlane mobile backup – 2FA (or Two-factor authentication) is a second layer of protection using something you know, something you have, or something you are. Ex: Zip code, cellphone, or fingerprint. With Dashlane mobile backup storing and encrypting your mobile data, you will essentially have hack-proof security.
  • Personal USB key – an external device that stores all your personal data and login information. This is ultimately the most secure as it is stored separately and inactive when not connected to a device.
  • Single-use password – these are used only once. Often used for authentication, you have probably used these for online banking transactions or activating McAfee!
  • Public key cryptography – these require two digital “keys”, a public and a private, to encrypt and decrypt files. For example, Bitcoins use this type of security.
  • Biometric authentication – these include identifiable unique characteristics such as your fingerprint, retina, and even new technology to recognize your ear!
  • Passwords not based off text – this includes colors, pictures, graphics, or symbols.
  • Virtual use token – in combination with a secondary device, the scanning and matching of digital image is often employed. Companies such as Wordfence provide a security service for many standard website logins.

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