5 Cyber Security Resolutions for 2019

Welcome to 2019!With the wave of anticipated cyber security threats FixMeStick has come up with some resolutions to keep our digital lives in check. Try these at home and implement them at the office, just like we do!

1. Update your passwords and use multi-factor authentication

With the breaches of 2018 we had to reset our passwords so many times we lost count. Choosing an easy password or using the same one across accounts is like inviting thieves into your home by leaving your door open. FixMeTip: use a password manager, like Dashlane, to make this easier. Manage up to 50 passwords and autofill all your personal information on your favourite device, free for life. Try it here.

2. Use a VPN always

Especially if you’re accessing sensitive data in public. Predictions of 2019’s cyber security threats show an anticipated uptick of data stolen in transit. At FixMeStick we use HotSpot Shield or NordVPN to keep our data away from snoops.

3. Read the privacy agreements.

We know these agreements can be annoying to read through but they will outline what data you allow to be collected and shared. This applies to mobile applications as well. When you read the privacy agreements you can figure out what settings to change to optimize your privacy.

4. Backup your files.

There was a rise in ransomware attacks in 2018 and backing up your drives is a good idea to make sure no one can take them from you. Take this quiz and earn a sweet discount on Picture Keeper, an external drive to save your photos and memories.

5. Update your software.

Technology is always changing. Threats are shifting and we need to learn new interfaces and platforms to stay ahead of them. Digital developers are always producing, refining, and responding. Updating your software and firmware settings will give you access to the latest protection!

Comment below with your 2019 cyber security resolution!