4 Scary Threats That Might Spook You This Halloween

In only a few days those trick or treaters will be knocking at your door! Here are some spooky viral hacks to get you into the Halloween spirit.

VPNs like HotSpot ShieldNord, and Express keep your personal files safe from hackers because VPNs ensure your data only goes to tightly locked servers which encrypt your data. Pair your FixMeStick with a VPN to keep your information safe from both dangerous viruses and nosy hackers.

Here are some of the most spooky hacks and malware around:

Many breaches of the past year like the Yahoo! breach or the TicketMaster breach haven’t been claimed by any nefarious group of hackers, but they still count as hacks. Creepier still, The Economist reported the question of 2018 is not if you will be hacked but when you will be hacked.

VPNs should be part of your cyber security defense. Pair it with your FixMeStick to make sure you’re safe!

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  1. Anne L Clark - Reply

    Get VPN, get security, get this, get that. One says it’s good then your told get that. It is all very confusing and very EXPENSIVE. Every time I turn around I’m told I have good coverage, BUT.

    The BUT is what always cost more, just way too much to always be able to afford it, so I just pray what I do have is as good as it says it is. Sure does a lot of blocking so that makes me happy.

    • FixMeStick - Reply

      Hey there Anne, the VPNs offered above are the best value for price on the market. We suggest using paid software over free software because the former generally has good customer support and a bunch of additional features to keep your connection private.

  2. helmuth schroeder - Reply

    i would like to replace my fixme stick how do i go about it please let me know
    Thank you
    Helmuth Schroeder

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