FixMeStick Black Titanium

The New BackMeUp with FixMeStick ®

Remove Viruses and Back Up Your Clean Files in One Easy Step

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U.S. Patent No.: 11,392,390

Same Easy-To-Use Technology, Now With On the Stick Backup.

Plug in

Plug in your BackMeUp with FixMeStick

Remove Viruses and Malware

Automatically remove viruses and malware that got past your antivirus software

Back Up Clean Files

Back up clean, safe copies of your files to the BackMeUp's internal storage

Protect precious files

Protects From Every Day Accidents, and Ransomware.

RANSOMWARE, PC FAILURE, WATER SPILLS! We've made backing up your computer so easy, you won't have to think about it.

Back up clean files only - ensures you have a clean version of your files in case something bad happens to your computer.

You have full control of your files, all the time - They're not on some cloud somewhere - they're on your BackMeUp stick!

Safe from water, shock, and dust - fully encapsulated chip on board (COB) technology makes this BackMeUp stick water, shock, and dust resistant.

Protect your Files Today

64GB of Storage to Automatically Back Up All Your Important Files*





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*64GB is enough storage for most people to back up 100% of their personal files. If you need more storage, you can add more BackMeUp sticks.

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System Requirements


PCs: All PCs made after 2001.


1 GB RAM: Standard in PCs made after 2006.

Technical Specs

Chip on Board (COB) technology

Enables the FixMeStick to be waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

Capless design built-in latch

Clip it to your keys and take it with you

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